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Scaffold Inspections


Scaffold Inspections are a mandatory service provision when undertaking scaffolding operations under the Working at Height Regulations and also the Provision Use Work Equipment Regulations. 

Clients often like to feel that this responsibility is often left to the scaffold contractor to undertake. Some clients prefer that the scaffolds are inspected by Independent Inspectors to prove no ambiguities are exposed. 

ScaffSAFE Ltd are experts in this field and takes the unique rarely seen approach by working directly with both parties locating issues and liaising solutions in resolving issues. 

"I have lost count of the number of times scaffold contractors have said to me why do the HSE always seem to pick on the scaffolding industry." States Steve Gregory MIIRSM our senior consultant. "The underlying fact is that in most cases, scaffolding is the first thing that stands out to anyone upon entering on to any construction site. If that person immediately notices something wrong, that person will automatically focus and zoom in on that trade like a magnet. The secret is to get it right from the offset and do not give them anything that may highlight your business to them. This way the HSE inspector will then have to go searching at other trades against whom they can issue notices against compliance. The reality is that if an HSE Inspector has attended your site then it is very likely that he/she has already observed a non-compliance from outside the site to draw their attention. The key to this is to stay one step in front at all times. ScaffSAFE  Ltd works very closely with its clients to ensure quality is maintained throughout any project."

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