What does a retained health and safety membership do for my business?

Well, the value of your business will be rewarded in ways that cannot be measured in money, to begin with. Every company is judged on performance, quality and service provision. By implementing a robust Health and Safety system and ensuring the arrangements are delivered throughout the core of all your business, this will drive everyone to achieve the required standard the business deserves.  Your clients will issue repeated work tenders and your company will build a reputation for quality and bring in a new whole new world of work opportunities.

ScaffSAFE is the perfect company to help you through that process. We have a range of levels of retained service memberships that we can work with each client to ensure your targets are met with excellence. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe in quality. It's our policy to get you there.

Why don't you get the gears in motion and start the new decade on the correct path? 

Strike while the tubes are hot!

We operate different levels of retained service that works for any company regardless of the size of your Scaffolding company. 

We have basic structured packages from one day a year to monthly or even weekly services. We can also tailor-make packages that streamline our services directly for what your business requires. Our clients range from a man with a van to very well-established organisations. No task is too small for ScaffSAFE. We provide the solutions you require. 

Your own designated consultant will work alongside you in sourcing the correct business needs and showing their excellence in delivering the exact solutions for the task. Your consultant will be fully competent and qualified to ensure your business is protected. Any action plans can be instigated and with their skillset and knowledge, relevant plans can be put into place to demonstrate compliance.

Getting it right can and will save any business any unnecessary costs. Allowing quotations to be achieved. Our consultants can also assist in client meetings as well as assisting in the design brief processes to give you an excellent service provision in the delivery of Temporary Works. 

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