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SSIP is committed to ensure reduction in health and safety assessment costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain, by making cross-recognition between member schemes as effective as possible.

There are currently in excess of 82,250 suppliers registered with an SSIP Member Scheme and this information is readily accessible via the SSIP Portal. The SSIP Portal is free to access and provides an easy way of finding out if a supplier holds valid certification with an SSIP member scheme and confirms compliance with the SSIP Core Criteria.

PAS91 and the SSIP Core Criteria*

A PAS is a Publicly Available Specification and PAS91 is a pre-qualification questionnaire that contains a set of standardised questions, categorised into modules.


PAS91 modules can help buyers assess compliance across supply chains. With this set of questions, buyers can determine the suitability of contractors for projects based on their compliance across several core areas of risk management.


PAS91 was sponsored by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and its development was facilitated by BSI Standards Limited and it is published under licence from the British Standards Institution.


PAS91 includes the following modules:
C1 Supplier Identity
C2 Financial information
C3 Business & Professional Standing
C4 Health & Safety
O1 Equal Opportunity & Diversity
O2 Environmental Management
O3 Quality Management
O4 Building Information Modelling (BIM)


The SSIP Core Criteria* is fully aligned with Module C4: Health and Safety (Amendment 1 November 2017) of PAS91 and also Section 4: Health and Safety of the Build UK Common Assessment Standard (Version 1.2 September 2020).


Please note whilst some of our member schemes cover further modules aligned with PAS91 the SSIP Assessment as verified on the SSIP Portal covers health and safety ONLY


*The SSIP Core criteria is the threshold standard for health and safety assessments completed by all of the SSIP Member Schemes.

There are many different schemes under the SSIP scheme with the most common known as CHAS, SMAS, Construction online and Safe Contractor (this list is not exhaustive) full details can be obtained direct from the SSIP webpage click the logo above. 

Whichever you choose to use and some companies do have more than depending on their supply chain we will get you the accreditation you desire. 

Learn everything you need to know about the accreditations and how we can help you win more business.

Every client’s application is a smooth and stress-free process with us.

We will help you achieve the health and safety levels required for your business to become SSIP certified contractors and suppliers.

The logos advertised are direct links to the relevant webpage. 

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