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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Would I need to use a reputable Health and Safety Company?

LAW: If your business has more than five employees, you must provide a Health and Safety policy for your employees / Sub Contractors. We can provide this service for you without you having to worry.

Do I have to employ a Health and Safety Manager?

The simple answer is No. You must be able to gain access to competent Health and Safety Advice. We provide these solutions by having various packages for retained membership. This service we offer meets the requirement under the Law for your business. Everyone wants reassurance that they have someone to turn to in case they require advice or assistance. We provide various packages that differ in costs that will support any business in the construction sector.

I am only a small company with less than five employees, but I want to get access to better work?

As most construction companies follow the Public Available Standard (PAS91) as part of the tendering process when undertaking the Prequalifying Procurement Questionnaire (PQQ), most companies will want to determine how your business is competent in Health and Safety. Most will want to see a Government Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP) Accreditation. When undertaking this process, the accreditation body will wish to prove whom you use for Health and Safety Advice. CHAS does a membership option for under five employees. Other contractors want to see that you are a safe company to work with. 

We can undertake this process on your behalf. Prices start from as little as £12 per week.  

Do you only cover Scaffolding Contractors?

No, not at all. We cater for the whole of the construction sector. We have teams of specialists who have different construction backgrounds, which makes us a great one-stop-shop. 

How good are you with Temporary Works?

We have great relationships with many companies and many designers. It's all about getting the process correct. Since BS5975 last update in 2019, this has given more clarity and works better with the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015. 

I am a Brickwork or Roofing contractor. Why should I use you?

As previously mentioned, We can cater for all construction companies. Health and Safety do have many aspects to allow it to work correctly and effectively. However, "any business is only as good as its health and safety record". If you have an HSE notice against your business, every other company may deem you a high risk against their business and will not want to use you. The whole concept is to stay HSE free. We provide services for Brickwork & Roofing contractors as this is part of the construction.

I have heard that you are very good at implementing Change in lots of businesses, what could you do for us?

Oh, that dreaded word "change". Unfortunately, any business has to undertake constant changes during its day to day activities. We don't just manage your Health and Safety; we also look at your financial risks against your competitors. Why wait for them to do something before you do. Innovation and quality will always succeed. We have a famous statement that we believe all companies should follow, and we are happy to share this with everyone. "if you always do what you always did, You will always have what you always had". Change should not put the fear of death into anyone. We don't re-invent the wheel if something is working. We make it, so you get more miles on your tyres and save your business money.

Everything is about the value that we can bring to you in making everything safer and more sufficient. 

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