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Choose your pricing plan

  • Scaffolding Branded RAMS

    Every year
    wow your customers with these brilliant RAMS
    • All company branded and colour coded RAMS
  • Basic Health and Safety Policy

    Every year
    The legal minimum for any company with more than five staff/operatives.
    • Director's statement of intent and basic company policies.
  • Comprehensive Health and Safety Policy

    Every year
    170+ pages of fully bespoke branded document for any business with more than 5 employees
    • ensure you are compliant to Law
  • Basic Health and Safety Membership

    Every year
    Pay as you go membership
    • 24 hr access to our Health and Safety Consultants
    • Annual Policy Review
    • ScaffSafe Logo rights
    • Right to use our directors CV and Credentials
    • Access to our Toolbox Talk Suite
  • Bronze Health and Safety Membership

    Every year
    Simple Realistic Health and Safety Plan for a small company.
    • Annual Membership
    • 24 Hr access to competent Health and Safety Advice
    • Annual Policy Review
    • 1-day Senior Consultant Visit per year to your company
    • Access to our comprehensive Toolbox Talk suite
    • Access to our Health and Safety folder
    • Specialised rates for further consultancy day rates
    • We can undertake your SSIP applications
  • Silver Health and Safety Membership

    Every month
    A fantastic option for any company renewing annual SSIP
    • 24 Hour Access to Competent Health and Safety Advice
    • Annual Policy Reviews and Updates
    • SSIP application Renewals for such as CHAS/SMAS Etc.
    • Quarterly Toolbox Talks if requested
    • 2 days pre purchased Senior consultant days.
    • Access to your Own ScaffSafe One Drive Shared Folder
    • Access to our Toolbox Talk Suite
    • Access to all the Health and Safety and Technical info
    • ScaffSafe Logo rights
    • Access to use our Directors CV and Credentials
    • Special discounted rates for further consultant days
    • Branded RAMS and Policies
    • Option of monthly direct debit payments
  • Gold Health and Safety Membership

    Every month
    An Exceptional Package for the growing business
    • 24 Hour Access to competent Health and Safety Advice
    • 4 days pre purchased Senior Consultant Days per year
    • Policy Creation
    • Document creation including RAMS
    • ScaffSafe Ltd Logo Usage
    • Access to your own shared scaffsafe One Drive folder
    • Industry Updates
    • Health and Safety News
    • Monthly Payments if preferred from this level
    • Business Management Audits
    • Business Support
    • Branded Documents
    • Access to our Health, Safety and Technical Documents
    • Specialised rates for further consultant day rates
    • Perfect package as per our voice introduction
    • monthly payments or annual payments option
  • Platinum Health and Safety Membership

    Every month
    The Best package for businesses who want to excel
    • 24 hour competent Health and Safety Advice
    • 12 Annual Pre-Purchased days / Monthly visits
    • Site Audits
    • KPI Audits
    • Training Sessions
    • Policy Creation
    • Document Creation
    • Management Support
    • Financial Risk
    • Supervisory Improvement
    • Workforce Mentality
    • The secrets of success and tenders
    • Annual SSIP accreditation applications
    • ScaffSafe Ltd Logo Usage
    • Plus, everything as Gold Package
    • The Best package by far
    • Massively discounted consultant rates for extra days
    • Perfect for the medium to larger sized business
  • Bespoke Retainer

    specific costs upon request.
    Free Plan
    • Everything as per the Platinum Retainer
    • For businesses who do not want to employ a full time H&S
    • Weekly Bespoke Packages
    • Tailor-made for each client
    • Development throughout all businesses
    • Audited Memberships of Industry Accreditation Assistance
    • Workforce Training Developing
    • NVQ Assistance
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