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Since the launch of SSIP assessments in May 2009, many construction companies and Principal Contractors now adopt this approach to Health & Safety pre-qualification and will only appoint contractors holding a valid and in-date certificate issued by an SSIP Member Scheme.

SMAS Worksafe is the UK’s SSIP scheme of choice and we’ve helped thousands of contractors to show their commitment to workplace safety, secure work with trusted organisations through our SSIP assessments and lead the way in workplace safety regulation and compliance.

Holding a valid SSIP Member Scheme certificate means that a contractor has demonstrated their capability by meeting the ‘core criteria’ and if you’re looking to go further and enhance your businesses compliance, a Worksafe PQQ certificate gives you the ability to answer additional question sets and show your commitment to safe and responsible workplace management.

Supply Chain Management

We strive to provide our customers with a premium & comprehensive health and safety system, delivered in a simple, easy to manage way.

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is now well established as the industry standard Health & Safety pre-tender qualification that organisations require from their contractors, which is why we have created a single online destination for our clients to access so they can easily manage their contractors and find the suppliers they need.

An SSIP assessment from SMAS Worksafe is assessed against the core criteria approved by HSE; these core criteria describe what it means for a business to comply with basic health and safety legislation.

SMAS Worksafe is committed to keeping your workforce safe and so also ensure that your supplier base remains compliant with their health & safety requirements throughout the time you’re working with them through an actively managed renewal process.

Always striving to go further and provide more for our customers, SMAS Worksafe’s services extend beyond health & safety. Our team can provide support and advice regarding supply chain compliance and environmental aspects too. Our members get access to unlimited support from our environmental experts who offer guidance on a range of subjects from meeting regulatory requirements to reducing your environmental impact.

We will gain you this accreditation with a 100% rate. 

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