Did you know that ScaffSafe Ltd is the whole in one-stop-shop for Health and Safety, Consultants, Scaffold Inspections, Design Compliance Verification, but we also specialise in bespoke training courses that ensure your client's demands are fully met. Recently we had a company that uses the tube and fitting scaffolding but only uses Layher Staircases for access and egress. The blue-chip client whom they work for under build UK is currently providing their services recognised that the current CSCS recognised Scaffolders scheme failed to cover this demand. They asked the simple question, why isn't training modularised so all training provisions can be catered for. ScaffSafe initiated in-house solutions immediately to cover that aspect. ScaffSafe senior consultant is a certified Layher Instructor and certificated via Layher HQ in Germany. Competence was raised by the blue-chip company and once everything was verified they immediately stated that ScaffSafe certification would be recognised by their organisation on all their sites. The feedback that was raised during the training session was the importance of the correct bracing patterns when using the Layher system. Why not make your company compliant too?

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