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Basketball and Beach Volleyball 2022 under the excellent events project management of Mr Kevin Greener. Lots of arenas and stages to complete in such a short timescale scattered all over Birmingham. ScaffSafe provided their expertise on some site issues. All problems solved bring on the games.
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Winvic Construction has Approved ScaffSafe Ltd as Auditors of scaffold contractors they use in their supply chain. 

2 recent Audits in Milton Keynes and Cardiff resulted in various serious non-conformities for 2 different high profiled Scaffold Contractors.

ScaffSafe Ltd can easily take any contractor through the process to be compliant with industry standards. It costs absolutely nothing to find out what we can do for you. Contact us!

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A principal contractor recently called us out to a live school in the midlands to undertake an independent scaffold inspection audit after the site manager through the prior training given had a gut feeling that all was not well with the structure. 

Upon our consultant undertaking the inspection, these various issues were raised, and the result became apparent to issue non-conformity was issued against the scaffold and the scaffold contractor. As the investigation was concluded, it also became apparent that the scaffolding company's insurance had become expired by over 2 months. 

ScaffSafe tried to liaise with the scaffold contractor to make improvements, but they were unwilling to assist their statutory duty. 

The outcome reached was that the principal contractor removed the scaffolding contractor and employed a more reputable company. 



2/3mm base plates in use with no sole boards on the tarmac. EN74 states base plates to be 5mm in thickness. Be aware of current suppliers selling these. Don't get caught out. This is currently a huge industry issue that is being ignored by suppliers and Scaffold Industry Trade Federations. 

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